WIM HOF Demo (How I use it)

Morning Routine

How I use Wim Hof to start my morning

My morning routine serves a few purposes. 


1) Commit to success as quickly as possible. The longer I procrastinate or let my small self try to convince me to “take it easy” or to “stay comfortable” the better the chance I give up on myself and don’t do what I really wanted to do that day. 


2) Improve clarity. I want to start my day clear on what I need to do. That means ignoring all of the other stuff competing for my attention. WIM HOF has me feeling awake and clear very quickly. 


3) Get into a peak state. Get motivated, get into a routine in which I know success will be the result. WIM HOF is now a trigger for me that primes my brain for journaling and high impact activities immediately following my journal.


Make sure you’re seated or lying down (you may get light headed) somewhere safe.


Breathe in forcefully

Exhale softly 

That is one count.


Repeat 10-40 times (as per your comfort level)


Following your last exhale, do not breathe in immediately. Hold your breath for as long as is comfortable. Don’t force it, just try to push your comfort level softly.


Once you’re ready, inhale a deep breath and hold for 15 seconds. Clench your abdominals and diaphragm if you like (I do) to maximize the pleasurable feelings to follow.


That is one CYCLE. Enjoy the pleasurable feelings, wave of clarity, and repeat for as many cycles as you like (I usually do 3)


You can download the WIM HOF METHOD app, that’s what I use which guides you through this! 


Let me know in the comments below, do you like it?




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