Get up even earlier!

Month one | Week Two

This program is about pushing the comfort zone, and getting out of it.

Your Assignment

***Adjustment*** This week is about creating more time for yourself, time to focus on what’s important in your life. The exact time you wake up isn’t that important, what matters is that it allows you time in your day, even if just 5 minutes, to reflect on what’s important to you and what success looks like. It’s important that YOU choose a time that’s important to you, that’s truly best for you.  The main goal here is to build confidence. To start your day strong.

Routine from Week 1 (last week):
Wake up early (at least 15 minutes) and write in your journal for 2 minutes about the excuses coming up, reasons why you feel like going back to bed.  

 This weeks add-on: 2 minute evening journal


1. Continue morning routine from last week.

 2. In the evening, write down what time you will wake up tomorrow and why that time?

 3. Decide on, and write down ONE thing you’d like to do that you’re not doing regularly now. E.g. workout, draw, apply for jobs. Something for YOU that you want to change in your life. Something you will feel accomplished for doing.

 4. Do that ONE thing in the morning, RIGHT after you finish your morning journaling. Don’t make this too difficult. If at all possible, make it something that can be done in 10 minutes or less (anything else is bonus). 











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  1. SebastiaanV

    Should we be commenting here btw? I am going to get up at 8 now and then move towards 7:30, yeah I know it’s not 7 but it’s more in line with my goals of still having a social evening.


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