Confidence is everything

Month one | Week Four

Confidence is they key to happiness, success, making a difference in the world- before you can start to work towards these things you need SOME belief that you can do it. Specifically, you need confidence in yourself to be able to earn confidence in other areas of your life, which ultimately allows you to take on bigger challenges, more risk, and stress while growing from it instead of being limited by it. Without a target, you can’t hit it.

RECAP: We are getting more purposeful. We are slowly making our life more of what we want, and what makes us happy vs. what success is “supposed to be” or what others expect of us.

Current Routines (from last week)




-Wake up early (time you wrote down/committed to in your journal that helps YOU be the person you want to be)


-Write in your journal for 5 minutes about where you are on the transition curve, when in your life you’ve been at the “crisis of meaning” and fell off-track, 1 or 2 strategies you will use to stop yourself from falling off track this time. 

-Spend 10 minutes or less doing something you really want to do that would make today a great day (as planned in your journal the evening before)



 – 2 minutes writing in your journal (what time you’re getting up tomorrow and WHY that time is good for you, why is it worth getting up at that time?)

– Plan one activity that you really want to do/accomplish tomorrow and plan when you will spend 10 minutes or less doing it (recommended first thing after journal) 

Your Assignment




This week, we’re going to add an incredibly powerful piece to your journal that will start building your confidence further and making you more positive, and more action oriented.  




1. Continue routines from last week


2. **NEW*** to your evening routine, you will also write 3 wins from the day into your journal and WHY they are important to you.  


These wins can be big or small, they only have to be wins for YOU. They just need to be things that happened today that you feel were good uses of your time, things that you’re glad you did. It could be a healthy meal, some exercise, brainstorming about your future, doing MAP, telling someone you care about how much they mean to you, holding the door for a stranger, getting up on time.. ANYTHING. We all do so many positive things in our day, even on our worst days. 


When we get distracted by things that don’t go our way, that’s when we lose confidence, lose momentum, and show up less motivated tomorrow! That is not going to be you, it’s not going to be us in MAP. 


So, write down 3 wins from the day each evening, every day this week. It should take 2-5 minutes and it’s going to be a HABIT we’re building for life! It’s going to start to feel really good. Let’s get it!

3) Post one of your wins and why it’s important to you here in the comments below.









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