Transition Curve

Month one | Week three

Everyone faces the transition curve, it will happen over and over.

What stage of the transition curve are you in?

How do you normally respond to “crisis of meaning” when your back is against the wall and it feels too difficult to move forward? Do you give up? Get angry? Blame others? Blame yourself?


There is no need to blame anyone/anything, but you can take responsibility.
It is the way it is, and you have the ability to change it.


At the crisis of meaning, the small self will try to drag you back to your old ways, your old habits, your old RESULTS.
The results you’re not happy with!


How would your BIG SELF handle a crisis of meaning?
How WILL your BIG SELF handle the crisis of meaning when you face it? (you will face it).


Review and reflect on why you signed up for this program.


On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to your BIG SELF, to the results you signed up for?


On a scale of 1-10 how have you taken responsibility for the results you’re getting? (good or bad).


Again, this is not about blaming yourself.


This is about acknowledging what’s working the way you want it to, what isn’t, and that YOU have the power to change it.


 Routines from last week:




-Wake up early (the time you planned in your journal, a time that stretches your comfort zone)


– Write in your journal for 2 minutes. Write down the excuses that come up, the “small self” reasons for staying comfortable and not doing what you’re capable of and really want to do.


– Spend 10 minutes doing something that is important to you. Something you WANT to do, not just “have” to do or “should” do. 






– Write down in your journal what time you will wake up tomorrow


– Write down something you really want to do tomorrow and plan to do it right after your journal for 10 minutes or less




 1. Continue routines from last week (see above) except replace the 2 minute morning journaling (see number 2).


2. NEW morning journaling for 5 minutes and write about where you are on the transition curve, when in your life you have been at a “crisis of meaning before” and fallen off-track, and what’s 1 or 2 strategies you can use to help make sure you stay on track this time and achieve your higher potential? Please share these with the group during the group call.





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