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What is the ROI of investing in your health?

It’s hard to calculate, but Joe Polish, founder of Genius Network uses the analogy of the $1M race horse. Check this video to see how MAP can help bring you a longer, happier, more successful future.

Maybe you can imagine what it felt like the last time
you finished a hard workout.


For me,
it’s a surge of pride and confidence,
like a superhero version of myself.


“I can do anything.”

What if you could have that feeling everyday?

What if you could go to sleep each night knowing you’re doing the right things to live longer, have more energy and wake up feeling like a superhero?

For many, this means making costly sacrifices in our career, and social life.

What if you could be your own superhero while increasing your earning and improving your important relationships?

What would your life be like? 

It all starts with goals that excite YOU. So many people get stuck living a “smart” or “safe” life.  Big steady pay checks, but no excitement. They’re motivated, but their motivation never lasts. You can have it all, and it starts with having the right goals for you!

Better health is not just for athletes.

Your health determines how hard you can push yourself, how quickly you can recover, and for how many years you can do it. Better health means more freedom, more accomplishment, more choice in your life. After over 100 research interviews, it’s clear: most people are trying to figure out how they can be healthier without compromising their career or relationships. 

Many people believe the answer to better health is more willpower, others think it comes from more information (nutrition, calories). After over 100 research interviews, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

We are overloaded with information, and willpower is actually a finite resource. That means if you want to improve your health, that energy has to come from your career or relationships. Where do you usually take it from? 

Unlike the willpower model, the mindshift model is not about sacrifice. It’s about reprogramming your subconscious and taking advantage of human nature rather than spending precious willpower fighting against it. We don’t fun-police our behaviour, we fix the source so the right behaviours are fun.

“If I’m being really honest with myself, I wasn’t prioritizing my own health. I thought that’s what it took to be a successful business owner. Working with Josh really changed this for me. After working with Josh prioritizing my health has a completely different look. I was shocked at how prioritizing my health is like filling my cup and my business has grown in ways I couldn’t have even imagined.” – Jenn

There are 3 archetypes we uncovered in our research.

The White Panda

You believe that exercise is hard, dieting sucks and because of your genetics, career, or personal situation being healthy just isn’t in the cards for you.

You commonly say
“I don’t have time”.

Really, you just don’t want to do it, after all, it’s going to suck,
who would want to do it?

The Black Knight

Group 2 would.

You love things that are hard. You believe if it’s hard, then it’s good.

You tend to make sacrifices in your social life and/or careers in order to maintain your health, and you commonly suffer from “Never Enough” Syndrome. 

The Golden Lions

If there is a group that you want to be in, it’s the third group.

You don’t believe in sacrifice.
You are a leader who defines for yourself what healthy means.

Unlike the other groups, you make your own rules and have a different mindset that promotes growth, and fun.

You no longer try to be healthy,
you just are,
by doing the things you love.

The best part is, anyone can change their mindset and become a golden lion. It’s not about willpower, it’s about a mindshift.

You don’t need to change your mindset

after all it’s hard work

However, with the same mindset, you will always have to choose between health and career/relationships.

You will continue to make sacrifices believing that is the only way.

You will continue to miss out on feeling like a super hero, having a longer and happier life, and feeling healthy while making your career and relationships better.

By joining this program

you’ll be making each day better than the last. 

You’ll get to experience your new health as freedom instead of restriction. 

You’ll become a leader who inspires others to own their own health and freedom. 

You’ll be trading in guilt and fear for confidence. 

You’re going to be more positive, and your new confidence will allow you to do things
the current version of you isn’t able to imagine. 

Client Testimonial

“For professional reasons, I’m not willing to put my face on a video, however, I wanted to share my experience working with Josh. Josh doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach. He gets to the root of the problem and helps you uncover what really motivates you and why. I’ve been fit before but it made me incredibly obsessive and I felt like I was missing out on my life. I worked with Josh to get fit again without obsessing and over 3 months I lost 2.5’ off my waist without even dieting. The other thing about working with him is that it’s not just about the physical health, you end up feeling more positive and confident and can’t help but adopt a stronger growth mindset. To top it off, working with Josh is incredibly enjoyable. I would highly recommend working with Josh if you want to get healthier in a way that’s enjoyable and actually makes the rest of your life better.” – Sebastian

Hi, I’m Josh Froc

When I was 15 I started to feel like I didn’t fit in.

Most kids in my grade seemed to be going through puberty, and it felt like I somehow got skipped. While others were moving forward, it felt like I was standing still. I took matters into my own hand and started working out to take control of the way I looked. As I got older, my motivation and interest grew into an obsession. I achieved a degree in biochemistry, fascinated with how the human body worked, hoping to better understand my own body so I could make it do what I wanted. I tried every diet you can think of and countless workout programs. I tried and failed and tried and failed.

I spent 10s of thousands of dollars on supplements,

personal training, diets, programs, coaching, elective medical tests… sure I looked healthy, I was pretty ripped, but it was never enough. It seemed I was always sacrificing more and more of my social life and career to stay in good shape until eventually, I stumbled across intermittent fasting. It was supposed to be the silver bullet, but it ended up being the final bullet. I ended up in the doctor’s office on the bad end of a serious conversation – give up fasting and dieting, or end up in the hospital with permanent damage. To this day, I am still recovering.

Over the last 5 years I’ve had a new obsession – human behaviour.

For so many years I thought more willpower and more sacrifice was the answer. It is clear now that for me, and many others, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Over those 5 years I completely changed my mindset, 180 degrees. With much less effort, I look even better. But in my journey, I discovered that’s not what health is about. Health for me is really about making your life better – whether you want to make a ton of money, change the world, or be the best partner imaginable to the person of your dreams. With my new mindset I was able to crush personal sales records. 

Josh Froc, found of FitBiz, in Bali, enjoying life as a Golden Lion.

With that accomplished,

 I quit my sales job to start a business and travel the world. I’ve had the freedom and confidence to impress the woman of my dreams. At the end of this year, I’m moving with her to Bali to see what other challenges life has to offer as we grow this business.

None of this would be possible without becoming a Golden Lion.

If it wasn’t for a change in mindset, I’d still be in my cubicle, single, tallying up my daily calories, telling myself that tomorrow would be the day.

“As a healthcare worker, it is my job to help teach others the importance of taking care of their own health so they can perform professionally. However, I had a dirty little secret. I wasn’t taking care of my own health. I told myself that it was my genetics, that it was because of my success as a business owner. I was frustrated because I felt like I was already doing everything I could. I didn’t want to feel guilty, and as a result, I didn’t want to take responsibility for my health. Working with Josh showed me that almost none of that is true. I am in control of my health, and it doesn’t mean feeling guilty. It wasn’t an overnight process, but wow is it worth it. The confidence it has given me that I can do anything has helped me achieve huge success with my business this year. – Diana

What’s Included

MAP is a subscription based program with 5 main parts.


Video training library where I share the best content I have found to help you upgrade your mindset quickly and enjoyably.


A new theme for each month with bonus training, content, and journaling questions.


Weekly coaching calls run by me personally


1-1 check-ins
(based on duration in the program)


A community of growth-oriented individuals working together to help each other earn more money, change the world, and improve relationships by improving health.

The cost is $250 USD per month.

In order to get 10x the value within the first year

you must be willing to commit to 1-2 hours per week.

This is not a hand-holding program.

To succeed in this program you need to be motivated and committed to making a change in your life.

To protect the quality of the program and your experience,
MAP is selective and admittance is based on a short intro call to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

This program is a community of professionals who want to grow and so it is expected that you give more to this program than you take. The MAP community is a team – that is the key to our success.


got questions? check below or book a call

What fitness level is required to join MAP?

There is no fitness level requirement. 

Do I need a gym membership or workout equipment?

There is no fitness level requirement. 

How long is MAP?

You may stay as long as you are enjoying the program, getting value from it, and contributing value to the community. I expect there will be many people who stay in MAP for a year or longer. I recommend you make a mental commitment to stick it out for 3 months before making a decision if it works for you.

How much time should I be prepared to commit?

1 hour per week of focused time is the minimum to get 10x value from your investment. 

What quantifiable results can you guarantee?

None. Each person is unique and MAP is not for everyone. You must take responsibility for your own results, it’s part of what makes MAP successful. Member reported benefits: Improved happiness, improved confidence, reduced stress, stronger growth mindset, improved income, more clarity on what’s important to you in life, and of course, improved health.

What if I want more than to 10x my results?

MAP is designed to require a minimum of 1 hour per week. There is bonus content and additional training for those who want to progress faster and get far more value.

Will this help me build my own routine?

MAP includes trainings and structure of setting up your own routines for success. As a result, you will not only have your own routines, but also the ability to create new ones as you adapt to new levels of success in your life.

Will MAP help me stay accountable?

There will be multiple layers of accountability, designed to make it as fun as possible, as well as automated (not requiring willpower).

Will I have to interact with other people in the program, what if I don’t like them?

The only required communication is 1 email-text with your accountability partner each week. However, MAP is for people of all walks of life who want to take their life to the next level.  Furthermore, by joining the program they understand that their level of commitment and contribution to the TEAM (all of us in MAP) is what will bring them the most value. As a result, you will find this community incredibly supportive and exposure to the people in the program will elevate your relationships, health, and career.

What happens if I don’t like MAP?

If you join MAP and you or we feel it is no longer a good fit, your membership can be cancelled at any time via email. 

still have questions? contact us!