The Perfect Week

Month Four | Week One

Write it down, watch it happen.

We’ve spent a lot of time on morning and evening routines to create “perfect” days. Days where we either feel intensely connected with loved ones, or days where we take our productivity and achievement to new levels.

Reflecting on a day and feeling accomplished, like it went according to plan (or better) is an amazing feeling, and not much compares. One thing surely does though – and that’s a perfect week.

This month we’re going to continue with our daily morning and evening routines and add in a weekly review + planning session. At first glance this could seem like “more work”. This is not a homework assignment that you must do in order to be successful. This is a tool that many of the world’s most successful use to help make success easier, and more enjoyable, and one that you can to, if you like.

Weekly planning and review sessions take between 30-60 minutes and will add hours of time to your week and more happiness and confidence than I can explain in words.


– Increased confidence by defining what a perfect week looks like and literally watching it happen pretty tough not to feel incredibly powerful and in control of your life

– Increased happiness by removing stressful things in your life that aren’t helping you, and by learning more of the lessons life offers you, more quickly – Increased productivity by noticing, and then focusing on the things in your life that are making disproportionately large impacts on happiness and success Eliminating or heavily reducing the feeling of “never enough”, simplifying your life and making even more room for what’s important to you

There are 2 components to weekly routine we will talk about. First, the review. This is an opportunity to accelerate learning, see the sticking points for you and where you’re getting derailed from your top priority as well as the things that are causing most of your happiness and success, and the things that are producing the most stress and “failure”. That will be the focus for the first 2 weeks.

The second part is the planning portion. This is an opportunity to take the learning’s from the week and use them to make next week even better. To get increasingly intentional about the week and define what success looks like. This will enhance the quality of your reviews, and the quality of your week. We will focus on this aspect in the second 2 weeks of month 4.

Daily routines for this week:


– 3 wins from the day and why they’re important to you

– The time you will wake up tomorrow

– The ONE thing you will do first thing after your journal, the most difficult/important task (eat the frog!). The one thing that alone would make tomorrow successful.

– 1 challenge you faced or thing that didn’t go your way


– 5-15 minutes of future self journaling (Write about the goals you want to achieve as if they’re already achieved – what skills/relationships do you need to make these happen, how does it feel to have accomplished them?)

– Do the most important thing/activity you wrote down yesterday (eat the frog)

Your Assignment

1. Last weeks morning and evening routines (repeat) with option for slightly more future self journaling

2. Plan a day, and time to do your weekly “review”. These are best done in the evening for most people, as it is more analytical and that is when analytical thinking is usually at it’s peak.

3. Plan out the structure you will use for your weekly review and how long you will spend on it. Max 30 minutes. (You can use the one I shared in the video and copy down those questions to start. This is what I use for many of my clients, it’s what I use, and it’s what we use in the MMG I am a part of)

4. Do the weekly review! (Max 30 minutes) and share your results/experience with your group during the group call.

BONUS: Post your biggest win from the week in the comments and why it is important to you! This will generate extra accountability for you as a leader and help you grow faster.

Have an awesome week! 



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