Month Three | Week two

Say NO to more and do less, but do it better.

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything” — Greg McKeown (Essentialism)


In order to be increasingly successful, it is important to say no to and ignore increasingly good opportunities. As you get better, you’re saying no to better and better opportunities – your standards improve. While many people believe they understand the finite nature of their time, very few people demonstrate true learning of this concept. Indeed, it is exceptionally difficult and even Greg Mckeown, bestselling author of “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” confesses that it is a lifelong pursuit that often requires outside help.  It definitely requires discipline.

This week, we are going to have to ignore 1-4 of our goals form our 5-10 year future self. Good goals, goals that are important to us… for the ONE goal that is most important to us. This can be extremely difficult.


“The man who chases two rabbits, catches no rabbits” —Confucus


Dr. Ben Hardy talks about this concept of your Keystone Goal. The one goal that if accomplished, would alone make you successful and help you achieve all of your other goals.  This week you will be choosing one goal to focus on and breaking it down into 2-5 tangible, medium term (1 year) goals.

As a follow up question, for each of the 1 year goals, ask yourself – Why is this so important? Why should I choose this goal over another?


Current Routines:



  • 3 wins from the day and why they’re important to you
  • The time you will wake up tomorrow
  • One important thing you will do immediately after your Future Self Journaling (eat the frog!)
  • 1 challenge you faced or thing that didn’t go your way



  • 5-10 minutes of future self journaling (Write about your 1 year self. Who are you and what is your life like if you are on track for your 5-10 year goals!?)
  • Do your one important thing (eat the frog)

Your Assignment

1. Last weeks morning and evening routines (repeat)

2. Choose your ONE most important longterm (5-10 year) goal to focus on and create three medium term (1 year) goals that if accomplished, would have you on track for your longterm goal

3. How do these goals ensure you are on the right track for your longterm goal?



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