Create Purpose (Longterm Goals)

Month Three | Week one

Purpose is created not “found”. Who is in charge of your life?

Purpose creates motivation. By turning our vision into goals we are creating purpose (not finding it).

Motivation is required to do the difficult things that are going to help us take the leaps we need to to get to our future selves. It is required for us to push outside of our comfort zone each and every day. It is required for us to realize our potential and be the people we want to be, every, single, day.

Some are visionaries, some are people of action – this month we will make sure you are BOTH!

The goals we set are the direction our life is going to go. The goals we set literally dictate how our future plays out and who we become. How much focus and energy do you want to devote into who you become and what you accomplish?

If you don’t decide how your life is going to go, something or someone else will. This is your chance to start putting those morning routines we’ve been building to AMAZING use. Let’s get better at setting goals that stretch our imaginations (and our future)!


We have been doing this all along, but this month we’re dealing it up a notch to create our own purpose! This week we’re going to start practicing and getting better at setting goals. 

Turn your vision into longterm goals this week so that eventually we can create medium term, and short-term goals. We are going to distill your wildest dreams into the HOW you will actually get there (down to the week and day!). At that point, you will make radical progress compared to even the progress you are making now.


This week you will create your 5-10 year goals. Try your best to make them tangible. To test if you’ve done this, ask yourself, in 5-10 years if I was looking back at this, would I be able to say either “yes I’ve achieved this goal” or “no I haven’t” with certainty?

Create 2-5 goals for your 5-10year future self. You can create one goal each day, or you can create 5 new ones each day and choose the best at the end of the week – whatever works. Feel free to use your Future Self Document for inspiration as well.

Because these goals are going to serve as our “well of motivation” it is important that we revisit WHY these goals are so important. So as you distill your list down to 2-5 goals that represent 5-10 years of bold, courageous living, you are also going to ask yourself WHY. Ask yourself “why is (insert goal) important to me”?  Use your answer form this question to ask yourself the same question again… “why is (why I said that goal was important to me) important to me”?  Continue this 5-7 times until you find a powerful emotional reason.


This week we will take all the learnings from M1 and M2, continue the same routines (they aren’t going anywhere! Just evolving).


  • 3 wins each evening and why they’re important
  • 1 challenge you faced or thing that didn’t go your way
  • 1 important thing you’re going to do first thing in the morning after journaling (your most difficult task, eat the frog)
  • Time you will wake up tomorrow




  • BONUS: Wim Hof (Use Wim Hof Method App) – I use this to increase clarity before I journal and increase my imagination by removing negative thoughts and limitations
  • Future self journal for 5-10 minutes
  • Eat the frog!!! (Do your most difficult/important task)

Your Assignment

1. Continue morning and evening routines.

2. Create the 2-5 most important goals for your 5-10 year future self

3. For each of those goals do the WHY exercise (described above) to determine what emotional drivers you have – why is that goal so important to you – so you can tap into a deep emotional motivator each day!

BONUS: Implement WIM HOF Breathing before journaling session (training video available in video library)


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