Future Self Document

Month Two | Week Four

Create your future, don’t let it just “happen”

Rising above circumstance to ensure you live your life to the fullest and realize your potential!

This week we are putting all the “future self” practice to work to create a renewable source of motivation (purpose).

Most people don’t fall short on their potential because they don’t want to reach it, it’s not even because of luck. People don’t even fall short on realizing their potential because of unforseen obstacles. People don’t accomplish what they’re capable of because a lesser goal is more clear.

If you walked up to 100 average people on the street and asked them about themselves, they will likely talk about gossip, what other people are doing, and the things that annoy them. If you repeated the same experiment but asked people who were incredibly satisfied with their level of success (this is personal and can only be defined by the person in question) they would likely talk to you excitedly about their future. Who they’re becoming, what steps they’re taking to become that person, and the challenges they are currently working through.

This level of honesty is impressive, it requires clarity. If you’re not clear on your goals, you can’t be clear on your challenges. If you’re not clear on your challenges, they become almost impossible to solve. At this point, any convenient opportunity with a clear path forward becomes irresistible no matter how motivated you are (even if it’s not forward in the direction you want!).

The result? You end up spinning your wheels, feeling like a leaf in the wind going where the wind goes. You are left with this feeling in the pit of your stomach that you know you’re capable of more but for some reason… you’re just not doing it. What meaning doe smy life have?

This week, we’re creating a document about who we want to be. We are going to be more clear on our goals than we’ve ever been. What is most important this week is that you apply effort into getting clear on your future. This may be easy for some, it will be challenging for most. In any case, take it for what it is- an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.

This document should be as detailed as possible. I’ll post mine as an example, and here are a few prompts that can get the ball rolling:

How much money does my future self make? How much do they donate? What kind of friend are they? Do they have a family? Where do they live? What kind of hobbies do they have? What are they working on right now? What does their typical day look like?

Create this clarity for yourself and your future self will thank you. You will become more involved in the creation of your future each day. You will start taking more action. You will have more days where you feel proud, accomplished, motivated, and excited. This stuff is a never-ending quest… it’s STILL tough for me to create my future self document (I recreate it every few months). The challenge has paid off every single time. Let me know below what questions you have, and what you learned by doing this!!!

Future Self Document Example

Your Assignment

1. Last weeks morning and evening routines (repeat)

2. For the 5 minutes of Future Journaling in your morning journal session write about your future self in as much detail as possible! You can write about their nutrition, physical health, career, family, purpose… Do this for days 1-6 this week!
How much money do they make, what kind of work do they do, what’s important to them, what clothes do they wear, what kind of friends do they have, what kind of friend/family member are they? How much money do they donate? What projects are they taking on now? How is their health? What does their typical day look like?

3.¬†On day 7 of this week organize everything together from this month to create a one page document that describes your future self in detail! I’ve shared mine below, please email me yours – I would love to see it and do whatever I can to help you make that future come true!

BONUS: Implement WIM HOF Breathing before journaling session (training video available in video library)


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