BIG self vs. small self

Month one | Week One

There are critical moments in our day when applying a little bit of willpower provides huge benefits. First thing in the morning is one of them. Waking up early is very tough, but we’re going to master it and it’s going to change our lives.

Your Assignment

1. Set a time that you want to get up each morning (at least 15 minutes earlier than you’re currently waking up) The time doesn’t matter so much as that you are being deliberate about when you wake up. Choose a time that YOU want to get up that helps you have an amazing day.


2. Wake up at that time every day this week. 


3. Immediately upon waking, get out of bed. You will hear an internal chatter if you listen hard enough, a small voice in your head providing compelling reasons why you should go back to bed. Spend 2 minutes immediately after waking writing down these excuses that come up.


This is the beginning of your very own morning routine!!!





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