Do this for 5 days WITHOUT doubling your productivity (good luck)

5 Day Morning Challenge


“This has been a total game changer. I’m getting a whole month of deep work done in one week.”


— Miguel, CEO & Founder, CFS Recovery

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What is the $5 FiveAM Challenge? Meet the founder and head coach Josh Froc

This is NOT for you if:


You don’t want to increase your standards in 2024.

You don’t want clear goals that excite and fulfill you.

You don’t want powerful productivity and mornings.

You don’t want more energy and focus for what’s important.

You don’t want to stop wasting time on less important tasks

You don’t want less stress

You don’t want to see what happens when you level up your discipline and…

You don’t want to be one of the first ones to test it out. 


Limited Spots **BETA TEST**

Why is it only $5? Because I’m testing it out.

Over 200 entrepreneurs have graduated from our LIVE FiveAM challenge.

They’ve achieved things they’ve never thought possible, in addition to waking up successfully at 5am, becoming consistent meditators, losing weight, starting new businesses, huge upgrades in productivity, and “personal transformations”.

Many have claimed that the 5am challenges have been some of the most productive mornings of their lives.

We’re testing out an online version and have 10 spots available each week for the next 4 weeks.



All of the testimonials on this page are from the LIVE FiveAM challenge. Check them out to see WHY we think this online challenge will be a huge success.

Unlock A New Level of Energy and Productivity

“I had some of the most productive days of my life while doing this challenge. And to wake up tired, and do this routine and to just have that energy and productivity back… it’s so powerful.”

– Grant, 8 figure business owner

What happens when you do this morning routine?

Hear from our graduates.

“Taking this challenge may have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and here’s why…” — Michael


Discover creativity and focus you didn’t know you had.

Many people think they have a focus problem. It’s impossible to focus when you’re starting your morning with stress and social media.



Stop hitting the snooze and get time back.

Most of us know the snooze button doesn’t add quality sleep, but it does make us groggy and means we’re starting our morning later than we planned… and we hit the snooze anyways.

Improve your willpower and discipline.

Many people start their day- the very first moments- by breaking a promise to themselves. They hit the snooze button, or distract with social media. I don’t need to tell you what happens next. Get on the other side – start your morning with one good decision and make discipline easier all day.

Improved Sleep

This one surprises many students. Sleep consistency is one of the greatest predictors of sleep quality. Additionally, many students choose to go to bed early instead of scrolling social media or watching netflix.

Decreased Stress

When our day becomes overwhelming, it’s too late to get a grasp. By starting the morning with meditation and setting clear priorities we start the day with less stress.

Less Screen Time

Are you happy with your current level of screen time? Many students report less social media use and screen time. They spend more of their time pursuing their goals or engaging in quality recovery.

Weight Loss

Many students report making better food choices and exercising more since joining the 5am challenge. We’re setting goals, and holding each other accountable… many set weight loss goals.

Increased Confidence

Waking up at 5am is hard. Most people dont’ do it. Start your day with this accomplishment, get more done by 10am then most people do all day, and you’ll never look back.  

How It Works…


1. Wake Up

Choose your wake up time. 5am, 6am, 8am, whatever progress is for you… then do it! (For at least 5 days)

2. Do the Routine

The same follow-along morning routine we’ve been using for over 3 years in the FiveAM challenge for energy and focus recorded for you as a follow along video. Get out of bed (tired, groggy, PJs, whatever) and click the watch button, and follow along – easy!

3. Do the Journal Assignment

You will be feeling energized from the first follow along video. Next watch the journal assignment video, and spend 10 minutes writing in your journal with the assigned future-self exercise.

4. Use That Focus and Energy

Once you finish in your journal… don’t hesitate. Use the focus and energy you’ve created to launch towards your goals. Whatever is most important, or most likely to be procrastinated… do that first for at least 15 minutes to massively increase momentum. Turn off all distractions during this time.

5. Rinse and Repeat

As a Beta-Tester, you get this course forever. You can keep using it, re-using it. Make your mornings earlier as you go (if you want). Build the habit of waking up early, and working on your goals. (Discipline).

What if I’m not a morning person?

Then you’re just like me.

Waking up at 5am is not natural for me. I’m more of a 8-9am guy. I wake up at 5am because it provides unparalleled focus, energy, creativity, and time.


We’ve made it easy (er)

The calls are live on zoom. Bring your bedhead, bring your PJs – you’re not expected to be a 5am rockstar (yet).

Congratulations – you have an opportunity to grow.

Most people make their world smaller as they get older. They put limits on what they can and can’t do. Congratulations, you’ve found a “limit”. What will you do next? Lucky for you, all you have to do to test this one is set your alarm and show up – we’ve got you from there.