From Vision to Results (Setting the Right Goals)

Month three | intro

Vision Alone Doesn’t Create Results. Learn how to set the right goals and take action!

Vision alone doesn’t create results. Do you know anybody (or maybe it’s been you before) who always has good ideas but they never really turn into anything? They’re just fantasy and you wish that person would just “get real”?


Action alone doesn’t create good results either. Other people are so good at taking action, they’re always in motion.  They end up taking consistent action but without a real sense of direction. As a result they feel like a leaf blowing in the wind. They get stuff done but they’re stuck feeling like there is a deeper purpose within them that they haven’t “found” yet. They feel like their life doesn’t have as much meaning as it could.


Vision + Action creates results. GOALS are what ties vision and action together. This month we’re going to learn how to set the right goals. It’s a repeatable process that you should repeat often!


This month is about going from Vision to Results. We are going to connect these by creating goals and actions!

We start with creating vision, stretching the imagination, ignoring logic and reason. Then, we gradually add in logic and reason as we create the steps that will get us to that vision… that starts with turning vision into longterm goals, and eventually those longterm goals into medium term and short term goals. Short term goals create the framework for action!


Very few people have a strong vision and consistent action. This month we’re going to make sure that you do!